Conditions We Treat

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At St Johns Physiotherapy we treat back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, neurological problems such as stroke and multiple sclerosis and many other musculoskeletal conditions.

Do you recognise any of these symptoms?

  • Back pain that stops you from moving freely
  • Knees and other joints that are painful when you walk
  • Limbs aching when you lift
  • Shoulders and neck that ache when you sit still for a long time
  • Pain from an injury caused while playing sport
  • An accident that has left you in discomfort when you move

Any one of these symptoms can adversely affect your life, but all of them can be eased with a course of physiotherapy treatment – helping you to get back to feeling fit and well. In fact, any joint or muscle pain, or any loss of movement can be a sign that physiotherapy will help.